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Why are we still talking about building roads in Dublin city and in the next breath the minister for transport is yapping on about how we have to get more people on the buses and trains??????????
Course he’s completely screwed that up by allowing CIE and Dublin Bus to raise ticket prices, and reduce services!!!!He hasn’t a leg to stand on.
The size of Dublin would suggest to any sane person that roads are simply not a solution.First and foremost, at the very top of the list should be public transport.In big fat capital letters.Roads around the country are one thing….from city to city….but roads within Dublin, forget it.We need trains/trams/buses. Metros are an excellent idea, but it’s difficult to do given the compensation culture we have created. A possibility in that regard would be to bring a tram system to various points around the outer city limits from the centre, and connect in with a metor system to the outer suburbs.Or vice versa. Almost all of Dublin’s public transport aims to get a person within the city centre.There is very little thought given to how you connect to go elsewhere, or how to get from suburb to suburb.Say you live in skerries and work in blanchardstown.What are your options to get to work, other than driving?Particularly if you’ve to be in by say, 8am.Or from Bray to Castleknock?
Bottom line….forget the roads for a few years and upgrade our public transport in an integrated manner.
And pigs might fly…!!!

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