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@Rory W wrote:

There is a dire need for an outer bypass of Dublin, a vast amount of truck based transport from Northern Ireland bund for Rosslare or Cork Harbour has to travel via the M50 (count the amount of yellow reg’s to support this) and a route from Drogheda area to the M7/M9 interchange at Kilcullen would make perfect sense particularly if the M9 is to be upgraded to become the main route to Waterford, Rosslare and Kilkenny.!

Fair enough – I don’t disagree that the current M50 isn’t overused; but surely the traffic from the North going to Rosslare would be far better served by going by the M11 – as would be facilitated by what I propose?

Other than that, perhaps one of the 3 lanes (soonish-to-be) on the M50 be dedicated specifically to truck traffic?

And of course there is always the chronic under utilisation of our railways for freight – but don’t get me started on that one 😡 !


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