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kefu, the reservation is there from booterstown near the Radisson, a flyover on the N11, up along the side of UCD and onwards to Sandyford where it will connect with the recent Drummartin link road which will be upgraded to motorway standard… if you see aerial photgraphy you can pick it out.. not sure if there’s demolition required as around the Foster’s avenue/ Mt Merrion area i dunno if the reservation exists. it’s all there on the Dun LAoghaire plans though..

it’s a massive waste of money anyway. As we all know, most of the national motorways are massively over designed for the levels of traffic that will use them. In the case of the M1/2/3 at one point 2 of the 3 are practically parallel for the first 50 miles from Dublin. The Tara debate centred around commuting to Dublin but National Routes outside built up areas are not for commuters, they’re for linking economic areas (ie cities) by high quality high speed links. thanks to utter ineptitude by the government in relation to land use and transport we have a completely bolloxed situaiton where people have to use strategic routes for up to 60 km each way to get to work and others are actually willing to write on message boards advocating the utter molestation of vast swathes of the landscape to faciltate unsustainable transport modes,

to state that “there’s not a single piece of the motorway programme that isn’t also necessary. ” displays gross ignorance of how transport works. Go read a book on it and next time that fucking cabbage garden gnome Cullen is spewing out how many hundreds of millions he’s spent on allowing one man or woman from Drogheda to now spend 3 hours a day driving on a motorway towards Dublin to work rather than the situation a fewvdecades ago where the same person could have done the journey on a shit road in 2 hours, think about how fucking ridiculous the situaiton really is. However ridding the toll will not help, removing the barrier will but the toll has to remain and the entire route needs to be managed

but if you want to see what rampant motorway building does to a city region, go to birmingham or coventry

and how the fuck is baldonnel at the epicentre pf the single most congested traffic zone in the country? do you have data to back up that claim? and in any case, the present site will cater for all the passengers we’ll ever want, with potential for 3 terminals, which may equate to 60 million PAX. how big an airport can the region sustain ffs??? and how much air traffic do we want?

I agree Dublin Port needs to move to Bremore but that does not require a motorway. The DOOR (Dublin OUter Regional Route).. Substitute “Route” for “motorway”.. whaddya get??? could be a 2+1 route if it’s built, but here;s a mad radical out-there suggestion…. RAIL FREIGHT!!! remember that??? no? didn’t think so

all in all a radical rethink is needed in relation to integrated land use and planning, whereas those fucking arses in government can’t even get 1 poxy bus on the streets or one poxy ticketing scheme and Cullen seems incapable of signing railway orders while he manages to sign off on motorway schemes like he was launching his poxy memoirs in Easons.

but no matter how many railways and roads these dumbards manage to build, as long as farmer Ivor Bigfield and Councillors Ivana Rezonitforja and Phil McWallett are responsible for the Development process, the sprawl will go on and on and on, until Longford gets a Dublin postcode….

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