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Thanks Bren88,

I got a quote from Griffner Coillte and it seemed reasonable enough. We are looking at sites in the country side, it is very remote and we liked the idea of a timber house and think it would be more suitable and fit in better with the landscape.

I know they have a template design that can be changed. I guess architects wouldn’t view this very favourably, but it’s the cheapest option and it looks pretty good espically in a rural setting.

I’m not sure about the health benefits either, would it be something to do with asthma?

Well the house comes with a mesh render finish so it looks the same as tradition construction, cladding is obviouly available too. The finish is less important than the design when it comes to the setting and the houses have a non traditional aspect to them. Because its an Austrian company.
You do know that the prices doesn’t cover the full construction, the foundation must be laid and prepped for the house. This will have to be by an external company. And accuracy is more important here than regualar construction because if the prefab element.

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