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Conventional timber framed houses have a timber inner leaf and a concrete/brick outer leaf. The Griffner Coillte system uses a single 300mm timber glulam leaf. And so more timber, some people regard this as more environmental, but there is much more to design than that if you are looking at that route.
I would say that they CAN be cheaper than concrete, from both a money and quaility point of view. For example, there is a greater potenial to use sub par materials and save money.

If you are looking for cheap, stratch Griffner off the list now. They are a high end product.
Alot of timber frame construction can be made off site, and so the on site time is reduced. How much it is reduced by depends on the system.

What health benefits are you refering to, im a little at a loss.

Three companys that might be worth a look are:
IJM Timber Frame Housing
Century Homes
Griffner Coillte

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