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From the Thomas Street & Environs ACA

6.2.8 New Build
Development that affects the setting of the ACA will only be permitted where it will preserve or enhance its character or appearance. The retention and adaptation of existing historic structures should be favoured over new build development. In considering the design and impact of all new development within the ACA, Dublin City Council will have regard to the following:
• Proposals to demolish Protected Structures or proposed Protected Structures may only be considered in exceptional circumstances
• Proposals to demolish buildings of architectural or streetscape merit within the ACA may be considered in exceptional circumstances only where they are supported by a
rationale related to the overall enhancement of the urban structure i.e. linkage, public space and use.
• New developments should have regard to the grain and character of the adjacent buildings, which shall include height, massing, proportions and plot width. They
could be contemporary in style while respecting the scale and character of the adjacent area. Any building to be demolished should be fully recorded.
• The amalgamation of one or more existing sites is generally discouraged and where proposed development will require sensitive planning and design treatment, to
complement the fine grain of the established streetscape.
• All new buildings should be designed to the highest standards of contemporary architectural design.
• Pastiche design proposals for infill buildings or replacement shop fronts will be discouraged.
• High quality durable materials should be used. They should include stone, brick, render, steel, glass and timber.

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