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@Punchbowl wrote:

Anyone know what’s going on here? This slab has been flying solo for a long time, marooned in a sea of concrete but obviously carefully retained throughout the many interventions that have occurred

The slab covers a coalhole leading into an intact coal cellar under the pavement that was associated with a phase of building earlier than the current Victorian offices. It’s the only coalhole we identified along this stretch but many more of the cellars survive (they’ve been reinforced c. 1900 with those metal strips you can see in your photo). The slab is not in its original location and was probably placed here in c. 1900 to provide a more solid support over the underlying cavity. The original coal-hole cover is of course gone.

We will be replacing the granite slab in exactly the same position as before, directly over the coalhole, and it will be set with lime-based mortar as we are doing with all the rest of the historic paving.

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