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Not sure Paul – certainly there’s Fountain chipper a bit further down at the James’s Street island. A particular favourite of the Kilmainham Gardaí.

Good to see the distinctive horizontally-paned sashes going back into No.37. Hearteningly, it appears the originals were retained or brought back to the site, as at least the second floor windows that have just gone in feature delightful cling film-like sheets of cylinder glass. The attic floor windows are more difficult to make out. But what about the massive internal works – are we going to see action here?

Encouraging also to see an informed, robust, principled approach taken by the case planner in respect of a recent retention application by Lidl for its nasty signage erected about two years ago on its flagship Thomas Street store, located in the high Venetian styled former Blanchardstown Mills. Virtually all of the arches of its impressive granite arcade were adorned with back-lit scenes of products along with additional signage to the windows: in her assessment, the planner concluded:

The proposed development, by reason of its excessive use of bright colours; replacement of a modest fascia sign with a poor quality and bulky projecting sign; obscuring of extensive areas of glazing with garish-coloured images; and the loss of an active window to the street, exacerbate the poor quality of the existing shopfront and detract from the character of the protected structure and the character and visual amenities of the streetscape in general. The proposed development therefore adversely affects the Thomas Street & Environs Architectural Conservation Area, is contrary to the policies and objectives set out in the Dublin City Development Plan 2011 – 2017, The Liberties Local Area Plan 2009 and the and the Thomas Street & Environs Architectural Conservation Area 2009 and is contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.

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