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Bluddy hell, I was only looking at that building recently wondering how did it survive when all else around it was demolished.

It was either a two-storey rear annex to the main four-storey building, 144 Thomas Street, with a facade and doorways onto Marshalsea Lane, or a separate individual building on the lane.

So here it is with 144 Thomas Street still standing:

And then after No. 144 was demolished to ground floor level. Still in use as a dwelling, apparently:

And then on its own:

Even struck me that it would be worth keeping in its own right, as an example of an old building in the lanes where Robert Emmet had his weapons depot. May well have been there in Emmet’s time …………… And since they demolished his family’s house on Stephen’s Green only in the 1970s.

Even if the shell is kept now any sense of oldness it will have had inside will be gone.

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