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I disagree with this. Yes its more complicate to own and properly maintain a protected structure but it is certainly not ‘incredibly onerous’ as you maintain or very expensive. The issue here was that the building owner spent a long period of time failing to do basic maintenance on the property and then systemically went about removing elements of the building that were important to its character. And all this under the nose of Dublin City Council. Its not anymore expensive to repair and repaint the older sash windows that it is to put in uPVCs.

And at the end of the day, if you dont care what happens to your protected structure…then sell the building to someone who does care and invest your money in bland suburban shite. There’s plenty of scope for uPVC there.

As for good examples? I suppose that with over 9,000 protected structures across Dublin city, most of which are not butchered or falling down and where people generally care for the building and heaven forbid are proud of their building and its heritage, there must be some examples.

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