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In an encouraging move, the hideous additional shopfront to the former Cash Converters at the corner of Meath Street and Thomas Street was dismantled yesterday, apparently in favour of re-using the original, robustly detailed, Victorian facia above. After this branch of Cash Converters folded last year, a planning application went in for change of use to a bookies, which isn’t maybe the ideal use, but at least if it comes with a restoration of the shopfront, we’ll get something out of it.

the old shopfront getting a lick of paint this morning

If the Corpo twist their arm a bit more, they might get them to clean the peeling paint off the upper floors and restore the fine brick facades to this prominent corner that were, with the shopfront restoration, a civic improvement target in the recent Dublin Civic Trust report on Thomas Street.

Civic Trust photo-montage of the corner cleaned up

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