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Don’t be putting ideas in their heads, we don’t want what’s left of Thomas St. nuked

@GrahamH wrote:

At least we still have the more classic Billys at No. 20 and No. 21, of which this new image is something of a revelation in showing what appears to be the original, very low, non-cruciform roof behind the added parapet of No. 21.

Is this not the same [non-original] roof that’s still on it today?

We know the original roof was much steeper than this from the surviving profile of the return roof, we’re just not sure [yet] whether it was cruciform or not.

The loss of 15-16 as recently as the 1980s is deeply regretable, but we still have most of no. 17 [McGruders] and it looks more interesting every time we see a new image of it.

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