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The 1308 ‘fountain’ was what I was thinking of, and yes you’re right it’s not on Speed.

As depicted, the fountain/conduit had a very destinctive and elegant form, in the tradition of the great public ‘crosses’ being erected in England and elsewhere at this time. My suggestion was that it might be worth looking at creating a sculptural form/structure on Cornmarket to record and possibly reflect that this significant medieval monument/fountain once stood here.

We spend all this time and effort accumulating historical and archaeological knowledge, but we’re not great at devising ways to bring it all to life for the average citizen who mightn’t always have the time to visit every exhibition, but might pause for a few moments at a well designed information panel or a finely sculpted work of art.

Much of modern Cornmarket consists of a dismal collection of traffic islands ringed with steel crash barriers. Giving Cornmarket a new focal point that informed people of the former status of this place as probably the primary market space of the city is the kind of thing that might be worth looking at, IMO.

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