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Just walking home along Thomas Street in the pelting rain this evening, the level of water gushing down the facade of the vulnerable unprotected Dutch Billy at No. 20 caused the entire rare Doric column of the beautiful 19th century shopfront at No. 19 to collapse into the street, having been left to rot for a number of years 😡

No. 19 this time last year.

As with every other building along this stretch, not withstanding the obvious significance of No. 20 and No. 21, there will soon be little historic fabric left intact, and in many cases no evidence upon which to even base the reproduction of destroyed elements such as the above.

It has been aired many times before here, but what has been going on on Thomas Street west and indeed James’s Street for the past decade, can only be described as a matter of shame to the city of Dublin. It is utterly symptomatic of the mess we now find ourselves in as a nation. To see an entire collective of perfectly sound historic buildings, the very embodiment of the city, with many so-called Protected Structures, degenerate from fully inhabited urban vernacular streetscape, to the point of dereliction in the space of little more than five years, as a result of what can only be described as State-sponsored neglect, simply beggars belief in a civilised western society. One could go on with this, but let’s just get this sorted – now.

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