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Alas there’s nothing that can be done Devin. The windows went in just over a year ago, just a couple of months before the ACA was adopted by councillors, so it’s a dead duck :(. I brought it to their attention at the time, but the inconsistency on the RPS collapsed the case. At least a projecting sign to the front was removed. The impact of the windows and air extraction plant on the historic Molyneaux Yard, which both the LAP and ACA highlight, along with other laneways, as being integral to the area, is horrendous.

Of course I asked that the house be added to the RPS. It wasn’t.
I asked that the industrial projecting floodlighting be removed as it has no permission and contravenes the Shop Front Guidelines. It wasn’t.
And now a new, even more garish fascia has gone up in the past few weeks with no permission. Maybe you could bring that up with them Devin in your dealings.

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