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It is indeed faced in brick, thebigC. A fine Victorian brick premises that’s itching for a few gallons of paint stripper. It would look fabulous chatting with the NCAD red brick building of similar date across the road and The Clock pub.

Just flicking back on this thread (makes for better reading than anything in my bookcase) and revisiting Frawley’s from a fresh perspective, the utterly barminess of the recent failed proposal hits you, as with poor Thomas Street, like a bullet train. It really was the Fitzwilliam Street of the Liberties. Nutty, loopy stuff.

GUBU is not the word, allbeit sadly the case with many other cases that failed to escape mega over-development. The Development Plan might as well have been chucked into the mincer.

They really were crazed times. Not that anything has changed. In fact, if the money returned in the morning, almost certainly we’d be getting exactly the same type of proposals being submitted, and willingly granted.

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