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@Devin wrote:

Well, even more baffling you didn’t appeal yourself and placed so much in the hands of few crummy third-party appellants.

I never said all the appeals were crummy 🙂

OK, it’s no big secret gunter has to mind the pennies . . . . and, as you well know, I still managed to sink €50 into this, which I suspect is more than came out of Devin’s pocket :rolleyes:

@Devin wrote:

(Btw who was lukewarm? I didn’t see any lukewarm appeals.)

I dunno Devin, it’s your post-match reaction that came across a bit Eamon Dunphy. It seemed like you couldn’t wait to jump in there with your bucket of cold water when we’d only just got a bit of a celebratory bonfire going.

In fact, it was hardly even a bonfire, all I did was just give a pretty matter-of-fact potted history of the whole saga for anyone wondering what ever happened to Frawleys, with a brief account of the high-lights of, what I considered to be, a pretty satisfactory outcome in the long awaited decision by Bord Pleanala.

In fact also, I rather thought that I had gone out of my way not to mention that the second inspector found the ‘twin Billy’ analysis of no. 32 ”very convincing”, . . . . knowing how deeply this troubles you and, . . . . not knowing if you keep your medication to hand.

If you’ve got issues with Harcourt Terrace Garda Station, or is not the Garda Station?:confused:, why don’t you stick it up for comment.

1930s – 50s brick classicism wouldn’t necessarily be my thing, but as they say, ‘I’m not a gynaecologist, but I’ll have a look’

P.S. any references to Eamon Dunphy, or Kevin Myers are generic and are intended to describe any cranky contrarian

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