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@GrahamH wrote:

I don’t quite see what you’re going Devin regarding ‘devoting a thread’ to the Frawley’s case, relative to other development proposals.

Granted the buildings are interesting – primarily because of that hitherto not-offcially-known early Georgian mansion at No. 36 (a number of earlier studies on Thomas Street had missed it, so fair play to gunter or Peter Walsh or whoever it was that identified it) – and deserving of attention/discussion/ranting on the thread, but at the end of the day there’s only so many times you can come back and say ‘the buildings should not be demolished!’.

@grahamh wrote:

Regarding the brickwork of No. 36, the condition is to investigate the possibility of removing the render

Em, yes, that’s what I said. Look at the post again.

The chances of early brick being in exposable/repairable condition to this building are not good. Could cite a few examples but the bid to restore a brick elevation to plastered mid-Georgian house 9 Merchant’s Quay a decade ago found the brick in horrendous condition under the plaster. Such was the condition of the face that what brick could be reused was turned in the opposite direction, and topped up with salvage; a brave and resourceful strategy by the cons. architect involved but the result was not idyllic … not 100% satisfactory, visually. Keep the existing restrained plaster detailing to 36 Thomas Street, I say. The building just needs construction of an appropriate pitched roof to accord it due prominence and stature in the street …. no need to do more than that.

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