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Part IV, Planning and Development Act, 2000

Section 58
(1) Each owner and each occupier shall, to the extent consistent with the rights and obligations arising out of their respective interests in a protected structure or a proposed protected structure, ensure that the structure, or any element of it which contributes to its special architectural, historical, archaeological, artistic, cultural, scientific, social or technical interest, is not endangered.

Section 59
(1) Where, in the opinion of the planning authority, it is necessary to do so in order to prevent a protected structure situated within its functional area from becoming or continuing to be endangered, the authority shall serve on each person who is the owner or occupier of the protected structure a notice—

(a) specifying the works which the planning authority considers necessary in order to prevent the protected structure from becoming or continuing to be endangered, and

(b) requiring the person on whom the notice is being served to carry out those works within a specified period of not less than 8 weeks from the date the notice comes into effect under section 62 .

(2) After serving notice under subsection (1) on a person, a planning authority may—

(a) at its discretion, assist the person in carrying out the works required under the notice, and

(b) provide such assistance in any form it considers appropriate, including advice, financial aid, materials, equipment and the services of the authority’s staff.

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