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If you get on yer bike and head out towards Templeogue you’ll find a couple of real peaches! Although admittedly they’re not in DCC’s jurisdiction I think they’re worth a look.

The junction of Springfield Avenue and Templeogue Road is very poor for unnecessarily diverting pedestrians trying to cross (on the outbound side).

Further up the road, turning right from Templeogue Road onto Cypress Grove Road, the lights are positioned quite a distance back from the actual point of turn, with none on the opposite side, so once the driver / cyclist edges forward to wait for oncoming traffic (entering the Village, or turning left onto CGR) to clear, they’ve no idea what the light sequences are, and are left like sitting ducks in the middle of a very busy junction.

There are “cycle paths” provided through the village and along CGR, but they’re absolutely abysmal. The one through the village is simply a <5mm lumpy screed slapped onto the existing concrete paving, dished for vehicular entry to the front gardens, and with line markings that encourage ponding of the track in wet weather. Along CGR, the track is at road level, with a raised perpendicular kerb of circa 250mm separating car from bike. Overtaking requires the cyclist to move onto the road, or else risk hitting the kerb and being thrown in front of moving traffic!

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