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Hutton you make some valid points but also neglect to highlight the danger to themselves that inexperienced and unassertive cyclists pose at left/straight -on turning junctions.

Not enough cyclists do the sensible thing ie. look behind you- make eye contact with the driver-give a clear signal you are moving into a more central position on the road in the direction you choose to head in- butt your way in-then give a clear signal of thanks to the driver for occupying ‘their’ roadspace. You can try engineering out these problems til the cows come home but a bit of cop-on goes a long way. Traffic is rarely moving that quickly in the centre city that this manouevere can’t be undertaken 99% of the time.

You have to command the road if you wish to cycle in Dublin-we would all like to see this change but I don’t think 100% seperated cycle tracks are warranted or feasible in most city locations.

FWIW I think the Sandwith st/Pearse junction is an improvement on the previous free for all with no road markings where I’ve seen countless cyclists nearly get creamed for want of some decent hand signalling.

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