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There was a vicious pothole at the top of Dawson Street which caused me to crash my bike and doubtless was a contributor to many near misses. I phoned up the South City Roads Maintenance Department and followed up with an email.

Refreshingly, I was courteously dealt with and a few weeks later the hole was filled in. So far so good in my dealings with them. That said, the cycle lanes in the city in general are in quite poor repair. Can’t say I have seen any comprehensive (i.e. not makeshift repairs) resurfacing of said lanes since they were put in place over five years ago.

I feel the problem is that the standard of finish in a cycle lane really needs to be above that of the main carriageway. Small depressions and cracked paving have a huge impact on the cyclist, whereas heavier, well balanced cars are much less affected. I don’t think DCC have copped on to this yet to be honest. Hopefully the increased presence of cyclists on the road will help focus minds.

Optimistically, …

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