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Why not have castration as well? If you kill a cyclist (deliberately), that is murder and there are criminal sanctions. If it was not deliberate, but there was negligence on the driver’s part, then that could be construed as culpable homicide (manslaughter) and again there are criminal penalties. What do you do if there is no intent or negligence? (Don’t answer, it’s just more money for the lawyers.) Basically, cars, cyclists and pedestrians do not mix, unless (paradoxically) there is either (a) complete segregation, or (b) complete integration. In (a) nobody has to look out for other users (in theory), and in (b) everybody has to exercise constant vigilance – and cut speed (and that includes cyclists). At present we have a hybrid setup the real answer to which is to cut speeds drastically and for all road users to exercise extreme caution (no jaywalkers, boy-racers or madcap cyclists).

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