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@wearnicehats wrote:

so post all the pictures you want but dry your eyes – you don’t deserve any special attention because you’re just as big a menace as the motorist

I may be wrong but I never hear of a pedestrian who was killed by a cyclist. I also never heard of a motorist who was killed by a cyclist. And what about all thoses wonder people who seem to love crossing roads and not look around them. When I was a cyclist, the amount of times pedestrians who while crossing roads just walked out infront of me as if they have the right of way to do so is just is scary. 😮

The reality is that Motorist, Cyclists and Pedestrians are AS BAD AS EACH OTHER and we can be here all day stating who is the worst. People are stupid and that is a simple fact of life. However the most important fact is HOW CAN WE SAVE LIVES. That is all that matters.

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