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@wearnicehats wrote:

Paul, I wonder if, in the same way as you moved all planning matters to a separate forum, you might set one up for “infrastructure” issues where like minded souls can go and rant about all things road related. While we’re at it let’s have my 2 cents.

Yep an infrastructure section sounds like a good idea.

I used to cycle to work, did so for about 5 years & on no section of my route was there a cycle lane (advisory or otherwise) at that time, whereas now a cycle lane of sorts covers over half of it. Not great, but a fair improvement.

I have to say sometimes we’re our own worst enemy, plenty of risky moves going on out there … I was involved in a massive pile up (about 10 bikes) just ahead of leeson street bridge … to be honest we were all lined up at the lights, familiar faces i’d encounter every morning, and were pretty much racing each other – the leader of the pack swerved between two cars & the rest of us came down sliding all over the place … bicycle armegeddon, you should have seen the bemused faces on the jammed motorists 😮

I think it should be mandatory that road bikes are fitted with rear view mirrors, as stupid as they might look.

In general though, i’d agree that it seems like no thought at all goes in to where a cycle lane is actually headed or how it will negotiate a set of traffic lights, lets just put down a bit of red & stop it up here somewhere :rolleyes:

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