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Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a Dublin with an old Georgian quarter and a modern 21st century quarter or is Dublin too small to accommodate such divergence.

Yes and no it’s not. Many Spanish towns and cities are like that. Or for example, I was in Havana for a couple of weeks and it’s striking how the city is actually a collection of cities pressed together – each with their own historical period and asscociated street layout and building style. Each phase of the city’s expansion did not require demolition of historic (albeit in some cases not very old) stock. Their old town is now a WHO site. So despite huge economic hardship and delapidation, the city is still interesting and fun. I’d love to see Dublin develop along such lines but I feel the opportunity, for example, to create a 21st centruy expansion of urban Dublin into the docklands has been lost.

The Georgians gave us food for thought, let us not disappoint the next generations by giving them nothing more than restored Georgian buildings of average quality and significance.

I’d say the ratio of effort and finance behind developing new buildings and restoring georgians in Dubln is about 99 to 1, if even that. Like I said earlier, I don’t see how retaining this building retards the development or improvement of Dublin. If it was doing so, I’d back knocking it.

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