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What an extraordinary building! Never come across it before, though I do recall seeing it in the very place mentioned, the Airport, and wondering what building or even what city it was!

What the heck sort of columns are they under the portico?! – bizzare proportions.
When was the portico demolished – part of another road widening scheme?

To think how famous that Statoil garage is for all sorts of reasons ;), not least as being probably the only petrol station in the city centre, it is extraordinary that such a prominent building once stood on that very site with little to nothing written of it.

What is equally notable is just how cohesive this quay once was, the rubbish that lines it today, and most prominently of all just how much the garage scheme completely destroys the very nature of the Liffey quays in this area – punching a devastating hole into the riverscape. Unfortunately it is this that forms the abiding memory of the western quays for me every time I walk down there, indeed even as a child in the back of the car I remember hating this area because of sites like that – you always got the impression of the city just gradually crumbling away the further west you went 🙁

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