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I partly empathise with your position, aj. The building in Devin’s images is, however, leagues ahead of the building previously discussed. I would argue that instead of a blanket policy of retaining anything of a certain period (no matter what the period) simply because it is from that period is not sufficient reason to retain it. it should also be about the quality of the structure, whether it has any intrinsic historic or architectural significance, whether its absence would be a loss to our national or local architectural heritage and so on. Blanket policies of retention simply privilege the past for the sake of the past without paying any respect for what can be done in the present or what could be done in the future (both of which might prove to be qualitatively better than what was done in the past). Eggs always have to be broken in order to make an omelette. I have not heard any argument put forward for the retention of the building on the quays other than it is Georgian and should, therefore, be retained. Humans have been in Ireland for approximately 13,000 years now. The Georgian style lasted for how many decades in total? The full palimpsest of our architectural history should be treated equally.

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