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I’d like to stay on the Quays, if we don’t mind.


Huge swathes of historic building stock were lost on the south side of the western Quays from about 1960 onwards. People talk about the ESB houses on the Georgian Mile, or the Mater houses on Eccles Street, but the ‘wipe-out factor’ of Georgian buildings on the western south Quays was just as great – just that it didn’t all happen at the same time. This is why it is so important that any survivors should be kept and restored if at all possible.

Demolition of large chunks of Bachelor’s Walk and Arran Quay (on the northern Quays) in the ‘70s and ‘80s are fairly well documented, but the demolition of almost the entirety of Usher’s Quay and Usher’s Island over the ‘60s & ‘70s is not well documented at all.

But as well as demolition of the Georgian grain, landmark buildings were lost as well on the western Quays 😮 – the striking Presbyterian Church on Upr. Ormond Quay (as featured previously on the forum), and Home’s Hotel on Usher’s Quay:

An ad or billhead engraving of Home’s Hotel, showing its fine frontage. This description is from The Heart of Dublin (P. Pearson):

Ganly’s premises on Usher’s Quay occupied the former Homes Hotel, an old coaching house for those travelling to the west … The grandiose structure, which was constructed in 1826 by a Scottish developer named George Homes, contained a cloth market on the ground floor known as the Wellesley Market. Homes spent £20,000 in erecting the structure, which had a grand portico of seven Doric columns that fronted the four-storey stucco-ornamented building. Unfortunately the building was demolished shortly after Ganly’s moved to new premises in 1977.

Photographs of the hotel are quite rare. You can see it here in the background in this picture from the roof of the Four Courts circa 1920s.

The hotel is featured in a print of the Quays hanging in Dublin Airport, as part of what the airport calls its ‘Heritage Programme’ – but it doesn’t exist anymore.

Here’s the hotel and adjoining Georgian stock in the 1960s, after its portico had been removed.

And the same view today….say no more…

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