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ABP have just granted permission for demolition of this (unlisted) Georgian building on the Quays, No. 2 Usher’s Island, at the corner with Bridgefoot Street (DCC Ref. 5369/04 – ABP Ref. PL 29S.212354). It’s been covered nearly from head to toe on two sides with billboards for years, right in front of the most distinguished classical bridge on the Liffey. See pic here also:

After they recently granted permission for demolition of No. 134 Thomas Street, a similar unlisted Georgian building at the far (top) end of Bridgefoot Street (not to mention the Ormond Hotel further down the Quays), I just knew the Bord were going to grant this! 😡 .

Look at the delicious old brickwork and lime mortar pointing ….. so Dublin … sob!

How could you demolish a genuine historic quayfront building, surviving to full height, through all the visscitudes of contempt for the inner city, large-scale demolition of historic fabric, road-widening and bad-quality renewal?? And with the proper regeneration of the riverside finally in sight, with traffic removal & creation of public spaces, as hinted at in the new City Development Plan?

An Taisce Dublin City had produced this sketch, suggesting what might be done: removal of billboards and repair and retention of No. 2, and new building on the site of the single storey structure at No. 1. But now it’s complete demolition of all remaining structures at Nos. 1 & 2, and new replacement building 😡 .

And this is the new building as approved by DCC. ABP have since knocked a floor off it.

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