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The only bikes that are referred to as “Velibs” are the ones in Paris. In Dublin the bikes will be called ‘Dublin Bikes’ (how imaginative) and will presumably have the logo ‘dbs’ (

Does anyone know what the pricing stucture will be? I know that in Lyon – where the bike scheme has had a profoundly positive impact on the culture of cycling in the city – the bikes are incredibly easy to use, always in plentiful supply, and very affordable (provided you have a bank account with a laser/credit card). There it costs any tourist 1 euro per day if you use the bike for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time. Otherwise its an additional 1 euro per hour. There is such an abundance of stations around the city though that there is never any need to go over the 30 minutes. You simply use the bikes to get (cruise) from A to B. The inner suburbs are all generally within walking distance of a station. Residents of Lyon can pay a flat rate of 15 euro per year. Once you sign up with your card at the machine (takes two minutes) you get a pin number which you use every time you want to pick up a new one. No worries about having a decent lock for your bike, no worries about having proper lights at night, no maintenance costs and a big basket to put your shopping / football boots / schoolboks etc into while you cycle. The phrase ‘quality of life’ kept coming to me when I observed how incredibly popular they were with all sorts of characters using them in Lyon. My big hope is that we don’t stuff it up here in Dublin with an inflated pricing structure (like the Luas) or with an off-putting overly bulky/heavy design.

Tried to upload a few images but they failed (even though their under 100kb each) ??

We have been told that for us residents, it will be a €10 yearly fee, joining online and getting a card/pass thingy. and then every time you use the bikes,
0-30mins are free,
30-60mins – 50c
60-90mins – €1

and so on and on and on…..
but as posted above, most useage will be 30mins or less, you park it back up and then grab another one when you need it. prices may change, as i have nothing in writting im afraid.
the planning drawing office have nothing to do with the logo’s either.
as fair as im aware, JC Decaux designed them, with some input from the planners involved directly.
i asked the planner, why theres no bike stations at the train stations and i was told that these are designed as commuting bikes and small distance travel within the city, not a tourists attraction as such. tourists will still use cycleways and the rent a place at the pheonix park etc etc.

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