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@arch77 wrote:

has anyone else noticed that some of them may have been positioned incorrectly.. The exchequer st ones are quite far out from the path… and the bikes will project another 1.2m approx into the street. Also one of the first photos on this thread show’s the post tight against the kerb. the bike wont be able to fit in. I won’t be at all surprised if they have to amend half of them! port tunnel etc etc.

The ones you refer to in that photo are down by the Luas at Charlemont and are off the road. Also, that pic was taken before the docks were properly set into the ground, so I don’t think there will actually be a kerb there once they’re finished, at least judging by other ones around town.

Perhaps the bikes on Exchequer Street will go on the path side rather than the road side?

Don’t mention the Port Tunnel ‘debacle’ on this site by the way, you’ll get certain people very irate! In short, there never was a problem with it, as it was not designed to take supertrucks – they don’t come over here in the first place apparently.

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