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ac1976: At a guess, I’d say most of the damage in the photos you’ve posted was as a result of cars, not ignorant citizens.

@DjangoD wrote:

I asked one of the lads installing the terminal things up at Portobello when they were expected to be functioning and he reckons within six to seven weeks.

How long until they all end up at the bottom of the canals or Liffey is another thing though. Maybe seven to eight weeks.

@sw101 wrote:

that mindset baffles me. something appears in your city and all you thing to do with it is steal it, thrash it and throw it into the nearest ditch or body of water. the world would be a more beautiful place if every single thing didn’t have to be designed to be vandal-proof and scumbag-proof.

I have to say, I find the type of comment below equally negative.

@GrahamH wrote:

Here is one of the installations on Exchequer Street outside Fallon & Byrne. I’ll leave to it others to raise remarks involving organic humous and its new ease of access from Portobello of a Sunday morning.

My reservations about this scheme don’t need rehearsing, but I haven’t commented before on one aspect of the siting. It’s great to see on-street car parking being replaced with these, but it’s disappointing to note that some existing cycle parking has been removed to accommodate them. This is NOT the answer. Cycle parking in Dublin City is already inadequate, and we need more of it in addition to the bike hire stations, not less of it by virtue of the arrival of the scheme.

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