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I disagree that the Dublin hosting unit is of cheap design – it is almost identical to the Lyon model, only even better detailed and of a more muted dark grey. Spot on.

Here is one of the installations on Exchequer Street outside Fallon & Byrne. I’ll leave to it others to raise remarks involving organic humous and its new ease of access from Portobello of a Sunday morning.

Another installation on South Leinster Street just east of the Alliance Française.

The siting of many of these units highlights just how much of the city is consumed by bloody on-street parking, from which DCC generates a fortune and has no incentive to remove. More of its eradication in this way and for the benefit of pedestrians please.

I must say I’m delighted at how regular, even sculptural, the installations look in their ordered layout, appealing greatly to my Germanic sense of efficiency. Not remotely cluttering. Some real elegance could emerge if they were laid out in crescents where appropriate.

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