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PVC, The Green Party has a dublin cycle plan plan which includes a commitment to do this

A Multi-Storey Bicycle park at Heuston Station
The Central Station at Amsterdam has a multi-storey floating bicycle park for 2,500 bicycles designed by an Irish architect. We’ll provide something similar on the River Liffey at Hesuton Station so that commuters can bike and train with ease to and from the city centre

I dont know if it will every be built but I believe the general idea has made it into the Dublin City Draft Development Plan there is an item in there Chapter
Basically meaning that such a facility could be in line with the Dev Plan and ease the planning app process but not much of a commitment form the council to built it. The Dept Transport will need to cough up the money and champion this project if it is ever to happen.

A new cycle parking strategy to provide guidance on the nature, quantum and
location of cycling parking facilities in the city to address cycle parking needs at public transport stops and interchange and other key destinations and attractions

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