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It has been a marvellous success on virtually every level, from operation, to maintenance, to design, to location choice. If there is one irritant, it is how the db user figures are now being thrown in with those who ‘cycle’ in Dublin, massively inflating the 2009/10 figures over previous years. Whereas this trend must be welcomed in terms of promoting a wider cycling culture, for the majority, hopping on a db to dawdle down Dame Street on a route they previous walked could well be termed laziness. In fact, it is. And it produces more carbon emissions.

@wearnicehats wrote:

these things seem to be victims of their success – critical mass appears to have been reached. I pass 3 of these stands on my walk to / from work depending on the route I take and i see the same thing every morning – empty stands and a queue of people staring into the distance for a blue bike. The opposite is seen in the evening with cyclists milling about waiting for a slot to become free – anxiously looking because their free 30 mins is coming to an end.

Yes this is by far the biggest problem with the operation of the system. The worst affected stations are commuter-related points and those in peripheral locations. The former are stations like Prince’s Street, where a single bus arriving on O’Connell Street has the potential to clear out the entire station (never mind 500), while the latter are stations like Mountjoy Square, Smithfield and Merrion Square East, which by their isolated nature experience excessive one-way traffic at peak periods.

It is interesting to note the same trends in operation at lunch hour. Every day, the Christchurch Place station empties of bicycles by 1.10pm and often remains empty until 1.50pm or so. By 2.15 it is often full. The destinations these bicycles are destined for in turn become clogged, namely the likes of Chatham Street, Molesworth Street and South Leinster Street, where people go for lunch.

Stations with a consistently excellent turnover of bicycles are those with a perfect equilibrium of supply and demand, such as Exchequer Street outside Fallon & Byrne, Jervis Street at Wolf Tone Park, Cathal Brugha Street, and St. Stephen’s Green with its high volume of varied traffic flows.

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