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Foget about the velibs…2010 is going to all about the Autolibs!!

Exciting news reported in today’s IT that they are testing out the rental concept for electrical cars:

…Modelled on the vélib and inspired by a similar scheme running in Lyon, the autolib will further burnish the city’s green credentials by providing thousands of electric cars that drivers can pick up and drop off anywhere in the city.

The first electric car project of its kind in a capital city, autolib will consist of 1,000 stations – 700 within the city limits and the rest beyond the péripherique ring road – each holding three cars.

Drivers will be able to pick up either a two- or four-seater at any rental stand by simply swiping a credit card through a reader at any time of day or night.

Although rates haven’t yet been set, city officials say a half-hour will cost between €4 and €5.

The socialist mayor Bertrand Delanoë, who believes the project could “revolutionise transport”, hopes to put the scheme out to tender by the end of the year and for work to begin on the service in 2010.

Not everyone is enamoured of the idea, though. Some green politicians are uneasy with the notion of encouraging people to use any type of car instead of providing incentives to stick with bikes, metros and buses.

And then there’s the question of security. How to prevent the cars suffering the same fate as the bikes and save them from ending up in a watery grave in the Seine?

“It’s a subject we’re particularly conscious of,” a spokeswoman for Mr Delanoë says.

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