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So what do people make of the scheme and its workings so far?

On the design front, it has to be said that it’s been an outstanding success. The bikes themselves, the stands, the electronic display units, the associated marketing – all spot on. Extremely smart and well co-ordinated. Aside from the odd crude island unit with garish bollard courtesy of the Roads Department, the scheme has integrated itself remarkably well into the city. If anything, they actually improve the appearance of many host locations, with visually pleasing ranks of bicycles injecting some civility into Cathal Brugha Street, Christchurch Place and their ilk.

The on-screen interface is a little confusing for first-timers, i.e. mainly tourists, with the none-too-obvious requirement to press the green V every time to progress the registration. Otherwise a nice and simple process.

Who on earth are all these long-legged people though?! Every single bike I’ve used thus far has had to have its seat adjusted down to earthling level (promptly cutting my hand in the process today). Very odd. If there’s a single fault with the bikes, which are extremely sturdy and comfortable, it is that the seats can be a bit dodgy in the stability stakes. I can only imagine this will get worse with time…

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