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For sure the scrolling ads on the construction at Newcomen Bridge should have been removed by JC Decaux.

Instead of doing so, they had the hard neck to apply for not one, but two of those hideous Metropoles, having been refused one on the other side of the bridge following an appeal to An Bord Pleanala.

DCC in an outstanding display of cretinism, even by their own high standards, opted to allow one of the Metropoles at the Newcomen Bridge site – a decision which I have appealed to APB (result due mid-October).

I shouldn’t have to do this though.
I shouldn’t have to root out 220 euro of my money and spend my time keeping these things out of my area. ABP gave many clear reasons why these things should be refused permission in the decisions on those Metropoles that were appealed, one of them located on Newcomen Bridge and then the munchkins in DCC go and try to allow one not thirty metres away???

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