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Once again the downsides of this deal only become apparent after the the fact.

Why is it that JC Decaux are now apparently trying to deter the beneficial aspect of a remarkably poor deal from functioning to its full potential?

Why is it JC Decaux are able to float kites such as recently touting the bikes themselves would be available to rent as advertising space?

Who has the right to potentially useful information from use of the bikes and the stations – seemingly – once again – not the city.

Where has it ever been explained the origins of the dodgy rezoning map, entitled “zones of advertising control”, which was used by DCC officials at BP hearings – although no councillor had ever voted on the same?

Why did the city agree a deal where JC Decaux projected an income of €63m from the new advert units?

Moreover why did the city accept the €63m figure when the potential revenue from just one of the larger units is €3.9m?

Where is the Independent Road Safety Audit that was to be conducted on the new billboard units?

Why was there deliberate suppression of the contract until the Ombusdman forced it into the open?

Has there been any attempt to make accountable the city officials and certain councillors who got such a prize bum deal for the city?

What enforcement has there been of the removal of 100 existing billboards has there been, that was part of the deal?

What enforcement is there of JC Decaux’s continued development and use of unauthorised structures – see the new trivision structure at the junction of Killeen and Nangor Roads, or at Newcomen Bridge in the North Strand for more.

Where is Minister for the Environment John Gormley in all of this – what if any action has he taken to get answers?

So many questions. So few answers. 😡

Still its nice to the city council’s commercial partner issue such heavy-handed legal threats to a non-commercial initiative that was only seeking to assist Dubliners get use of the scheme.

For the record while Dublin got a rotten deal from this – trying to allow 120 billboards for 450 bikes, whereas Paris got 13 bikes in exchange for each billboard allowed, if it hadn’t been for this site and the scrutiny given to the matter, according to city planner Jim Keoghan the original intention was to allow 170 billboards. Ultimately Decaux have gotten away with only 70 approx. Boo-hoo for Decaux.

Free iPhone application for bike scheme withdrawn


A FREE iPhone application for users of Dublin’s bicycle rental scheme has been withdrawn after the software firm which developed it was threatened with legal action by the advertising agency backing the new initiative.

The real-time application allows users of the scheme to find their nearest Dublinbikes station and see how many bicycles and spaces are available at it.

Fusio, the company behind the application, was sent a cease and desist letter from JC Decaux earlier this week in which it was told that legal action would be considered if it continued to offer the mobile application for download.

The application, which was only released at the end of August, has proven to be highly successful, with some 3,000 downloads over the past three weeks, making it one of the most popular Irish applications available at the iTunes AppStore.

More than 6,000 people have subscribed to the Dublinbikes scheme, which was introduced on September 15th. The initiative is being funded by JC Decaux in exchange for advertising space in the capital.

Fusio’s application uses data which is freely available on the Dublinbikes website. This is then plotted on to Google Maps. The application uses the iPhone’s built-in GPS to allow users to get up-to-the minute information on the availability of bikes. Additional data used in the application was provided by Dublin City Council.

Fusio insists it sought permission to use data from JC Decaux prior to releasing the application.

Diarmaid Mac Aonghusa, Fusio managing director, said the company had decided to produce the application solely as a development project to draw attention to its ability to develop similar applications for clients.

“We were offering the application for free and had received a number of phone calls from members of the public congratulating us on it, which is something that rarely happens in the IT world. So we’d obviously developed an application which was proving to be popular. However, when we were advised that legal action was possible, we felt we had no option to withdraw the application.”

Although iPhone users who have already downloaded the application will still be able to use it, it is no longer available for download at the AppStore and no updates will be provided in future.

A spokesperson for JC Decaux said the company had no comment to make regarding the cease and desist letter.

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