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‘You can deposit the bikes at any other station around the city, providing there is a free space for it. If you don’t return the bike, your time clocks up, as does the money you are charged for the rental.’

She fails to mention that if you bring the bike back and there are no spaces available, it extends the time by 15 mins which can be annoying if you have to be somewhere but you certainly won’t get charged.

‘Before you can take a bike, you must first either buy a Smart Card for €10 on the new website or alternatively put a charge of €150 on your credit card. This registration will activate your account.’

You have to agree to a pre-authorisation FINE of €150 when buying your yearly card whereby IF the bike is not returned back after a 24 hour period. What’s she going on about alternative charge?

I just signed up via the website, quite an easy process. Looking forward to my subscription pack in the post 🙂

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