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‘twas Hoggis Figgis Stephen as it happens, in there on the left where the light is crap, you’d almost think they don’t want you reading the books with their lousy 15 watt bulbs.

There was a promo article in the Irish Times on Nov. 9 last, which I was going to let go by, but since we’re on the subject . . .

The IT article trumpeted the familiar Sirr Skehan line that ‘what is good for Dublin is very good for Ireland’ and then went on from there to point out that ‘The engine of Dublin now stretches from Louth to Wicklow, and out to Westmeath . . .’

That latter phrase is not delivered in any kind of [Frank McDonald style] rebuke, as you’d expect, it’s more a case of – look how big our engine is.

Somewhat at odds with all of this, and seemingly borrowing from the Kearns/Motti thesis, the article also states, in the things to do section, that; ‘Dublin City now needs a manager with a proven urban ethos to run and improve the city, a person who will live in the city, cycle in the city, who will engage with its social, economic and transport problems on a daily basis’.

There’ll need to be a high fitness threshold in the job description too, if we’re asking this guy to cycle in from Westmeath.

Everything that Sirr Skehan propound is at odds with the concept of the ‘compact city’.

Planners are simple folk they can’t accommodate two different notions simultaneously, the Compact City and the City Region, it’s one or the other.

In an Irish context, the City Region is not even a proper planning concept, it’s just an attempt to rebrand urban sprawl and make it acceptable, jump aboard a run away train.

We were just beginning to succeed in getting the Compact City concept into the consciousness of those who write the development plans in this country, the last thing this country needs is someone of the stature of Sirr Skehan telling us that all that dodgy re-zoning that our gobshite councillors masterminded to feather their own nests over that last fifty years was really just Dublin rebooting its engine and getting ready for the 21st century. Come on onboard everyone.

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