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Points taken; let’s see how the debate develops. Local authorities have mostly opted out of soc hsg here, but hsg assocs are still building some of the better (-looking) hsg, Much better than the awful rash of suburban private dev. but hsg assocs are not quite the locally-based organisations they once were and have replaced local govt as the predominant social landlords. Private large-scale devs (like Glasgow Harbour) target the affluent either in, or on the edge of, affluent areas – I don’t regard them as ‘regeneration’ in any meaningful sense. We still have green belt, but it’s largely ritualistic and is constantly under pressure.
I had a car-ride through Glasgow’s East End yesterday; it’s truly third-world and we now have ‘hollowed-out’ cities with large areas of dereliction and not-very-concealed poverty. So, don’t believe the hype.

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