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@phil wrote:

It is interesting the way some journalists will just spout out their opinions about a building as though it is a fact.

At least I had the good grace to admit my subjectivity. 😉

If the replacement building preserved a hexagonal quality – a corner tower or something – I’d be inclined to support this proposal. I often wondered if the Israeli Embassy chose to locate there precisely because the building was hexagonal- Star of David and all that.

Side note: a few years ago I was taking photos of this building early one weekday morning and a uniformed Garda approached me, accompanied by a bearded middle eastern man in a heavy trench coat. The coat was an internal security officer for the embassy who was trying to get the Guard to stop me from taking pictures. When I showed my Duchas ID and gave a cover story about recording buildings for a survey (a fib in that case, but it was my job at the time), the Guard told the coat he had nothing to worry about, then turned back to me, gave me a conspiratorial wink and threw his eyes to heaven- ‘paranoia’ seemed to be the message he was conveying. But that was in the late 1990s- more innocent times, you might say.

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