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Carrisbrook is one of my favourite buildings in the city, though for very personal, subjective reasons- I collect hexagonal objects. It’s one of the few perfectly regular (i.e. equal side lengths) hexagonal buildings in the country.

Agreed that the cladding leaves a bit to be desired, but I don’t think the building itself is all that bad, at least from a cityscape point of view. And I do like the way it turns the corner- the hexagon actually has a practical purpose beyond the quirky in this case. More importantly, I suspect it’s at the upper limit of acceptable heights for the neighbourhood, if not a shade over the maximum in some people’s eyes already. I suppose the acquisition of the adjoining petrol station will provide sufficient room to expand.

Judging from the article, the market doesn’t like the building as much as I do. I wonder, though, where this opinion originated- “that never worked very well”. Perhaps my beloved 60 degree angles really are less suitable for offices than the more boring 90 degrees?


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