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It is clear that the massacre predicted for manufacturing has not happened, financial markets are recovering and there is the potential to correct the perception of rip off Ireland in the European Tourist market. Further positives are that the infrastructural deficit and above average household size still persist both of which will uinderpin demand.

PVC: good on you; even if not all your suggestions are unarguable (two commentators, three opinions), you have at least set out a ‘sustainable’ (to use that over-worked word) vision. That’s what politicians just ‘don’t get’. In Ireland you urgently need a national conversation just to agree such a strategy and then a general election to clear the air and get implementation going (if you elect FF again, then you deserve all you’ll get, just like us re-electing New Labour). And the banks need to be told that you effectively own them and that lending needs to be available and targeted.
Anyway, this is an excellent start and perhaps suggest a new thread devoted to this entirely?

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