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I do not believe in the silence. Huge sums of money were moved around to dress up the dodgy balance sheets of banks. People spoke, phoned each other. These types of conversation, just like Dealing Room transactions, were taped. The Regulator must have known; even now, where are the tapes? Did anyone ask for them? Why the silence? Where are the journalists? Why no real questions? …………………….Meantime, sit back, you will be told nothing. It will be in the National Interest to keep schtumm. It will go go away, Shur it ‘ll be alright. Enda’s bunch will get in, they will spend their days saying what a bags Brian’s bunch made of it. The Greens will be on the sidelines again, talking lightbulbs, like they did when Lehmans was sliding down the tubes last September.


I wrote the above four years ago (29th June 2009) short just a couple of days. Plus ca change……….. Sadly since then all my architectural friends have either changed jobs to more menial work to keep a crust on the table or have gone overseas. None are at work in Ireland. I take no pleasure in being right, yet again.

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