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It never gets everyone… We have a dangerous and destructive system because its the only way people can make money otherwise you have to buy and sell in the same market unless your a bank. Exchange rates used to be fixed now variable is standard…Everyone wanted to go high now everyone wants to go underground.

hush hush… nothing will change its institutional 😛

Do you ever read what you write before posting?

Everything has changed because institutions got it so badly wrong that they were able to buy their own debt back at 30c in the €1 such was the lack of faith in the loan books of various banks whilst the government remains dazzled in the headlights of unviable underground and other ways to increase the burden of debt on the poor private sector taxpayer who unfortunately is reliant on the global economy for job security.

Land is driven by the location economics of the bid rents that those charged with managing the factors of production decide they are worth combined with how regulators decide various uses are regulated through numerous regulations relating to environmental, employment, wealth creation, political and social order considerations.

I have no doubt that one day in the not to distant future we will find a thread titled the meaning of life on this forum

You are all design professionals go off and find some niches in the market where there is a suitable demand for developments that hit what the market wanted in the last phase but couldn’t access; the cycle will turn; allowing 20% of planning permissions last quarter to be one off houses in the context of 250,000 un sold housing units and banks with development land loans in serious distress is absolutely unbelievable. There must be an immediate ban on all one off housing permissions unless the applicants are bona fide farmers or carers looking after ex farmers or dependents of ex farmers and such permissions must be accompanied by a ten year occupany clause.

Sort out the development land negative equity and you solve the economy, and fire Dick Roche for creating the conditions for the Anglo Irish small plot development loan book creating site farmers and an army of developers who gained a small amount of equity to borrow heavily leveraged sums they were uncapable of meeting with their own resources.

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