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I do not however think that linking residential prices to social welfare or the minimum wage is appropriate for four reasons.

There are 5 classes/zoning you would fit in the unlimited one.;) ******
Is a billion a m sq. cheap for you?
Development is rewarded for being close to transport.
Its impossible to build away from transport/services.
Every one has a home after 5 years and can get on with life/family…
These zoning’s are all after tax so if you increase tax you have to change the zoning that day. If the margin of error is out by more than 10% your out of government your pension becomes a debt which is passed on from one generation to the next much like the proposed education system it could be applied to the teachers.

The banks won’t like this but put it out there…

(zone one) 15% unemployed = 5 years on benefits home min 90 sq m + land
(zone two) x % = 5 years on minimum wage home min 90 sq m + land
(zone three) x % = 5 years half average wage home min 90 sq m + land
(zone four) x % = 5 years average industrial wage home min 90 sq m + land
(zone five) = 5 star no limits

– 10% dart 1km
– 10% bus lane 1km
– 10% metro 1km
– 10% major cycle route 1km
+ 20% outside 40km of city centre ( existing homes only the green wedge)

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