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thebig C, how can I put it this politely, given your “ecomentalists” reference – oh just fuck off.

It makes a bit of sense to locate a supermarket here rather then at another greenfield site

And why does it naturally have to be another greenfield site? Why can there not be urban renewal instead? Because one thing is for sure, if this cheap shite goes ahead, it makes urban renewal less economically viable.

66 shops have closed in Dun Laoghaire over the last two years – as reported in today’s Sunday Tribune

thebig C, you are talking out your backside. While you may once have had a future as some poncey pen-pusher working for a local authority where the local gombeen greedy county manager wanted to chase a development levy – and so drop planning standards in the process – the days of your type are finished. Get over it. You are a disgrace and affront to civic society. Go figure.

Anyhow rant over, I notice that 2 of the FG councillors voted against, including the former PD Mary Mitchell O’Connor, as interestingly so too did another former PD, the environmentally progressive Independent Victor Boyhan

Yet also of note, all of the four MaFFia councillors voted for this scheme – so why does John Gormley and his GP mates not lay into them as well? But then perhaps raising this with their government partners might be as popular as a game of pass-the-parcel in a Belfast pub. Of course the GP are hypocrites to not do so, but nothing new there. The Dun Laoghaire maFFia are getting far too easy a ride, running contrary to supposed central government policy of which their party is the main partner. This in actual fact just underlines my earlier point that there is clearly now no significant credible political party in Leinster House who can give leadership in whom we can have faith.

Finally independent maFFia councillor Tony Fox also voted for the Quarryvale Nua; dear old Tony used to be a full maFFia member, but you see ’tis a bit awkward with all that Tribunal malarky…. Ah sure Leopardstown racecourse can also be accessed from the Jackson Way Junction, which surprisingly might have been an accidentally good bit of planning – just in case anyone’s ever in a rush to explain where they suddenly came into a bit of cash. Yes the symmetry is perfect – the Jackson Way Junction and the racecourse; perhaps Bertie might someday give his mates an ‘ol digout and cut a ribbon here to commemorate the pinnacle planning achievement done under his leadership 🙂

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